The CCC (Civilian Conservation Corp) was created in early 1933 and was the most popular of all New Deal programs. It provided employment for young men between the ages of 17 and 24 in military style camps. Each participant was paid $5.00 per month and $25.00 was sent back to his family. The three goals of the program were job training, conservation work and aid for families. There are few states or national parks that do not have trails, roads or cabins built by the CCC. During the 9 years of operation the CCC planted over three billion trees. Because most of the young men had never been far from home before there was a considerable amount of homesickness. Men were generally sent far from their homes to discourage runaways.

This song comes to us from a field recording made by Margaret Valiant and sung by Jimmie Collins. On the field recording he states that the song was taught to him by “a boyfriend” from Texas. This version is by The 198 String Band.


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