This comes from Goebel Reeves (1899 – 1959) who was born in Sherman Texas. He had a long musical career that began when he headed east with Jimmy Rogers and Lucian “Piggy’ Parks whom he met in New Orleans in the 1920’s. Most of the time he lived a loner’s life riding the rails and working at numerous radio stations between travels. He worked in Dallas, Chattanooga, Birmingham, and Los Angeles and appeared on the Grand Old Opry and the Rudy Valee Show where he was a comical, novelty performer.

He eventually became disenchanted with the music industry and quit. After World War II he settled in California and worked with the Japanese community to resolve resettlement issues after interment.

“Hobo’s Lullaby” was his most famous song. He set it to the civil war tune “After the Battle Mother”. It is likely that he wrote this as a teenager before hitting the rails and becoming a drifter. He maintained that he taught Woody Guthrie how to yodel. This is him singing it.


Hobo’s Lullaby — 2 Comments

  1. does anyone know the words to a forth verse of this song. It begins or contains a reference to ” I know someone is your mother”

    • Are you thinking of this verse?

      Do not let your heart be troubled
      If the world calls you a bum
      If your mother lives, she loves you
      For you’re still your mother’s son.

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