During the late 1930’s several states, including California, passed laws and posted signs at Ports of Entry stating “No More Migration. “There were armed guards used to enforce the law and turn away migrants. The typical remark was “just keep on moving.” Sis Cunningham took this a step further in this song by asking “How can you keep on moving, unless you migrate too.”

The California law, along with other states, was declared unconstitutional but the song reflects the attitude towards migrants that prevailed. This beautiful version is by Sis Cunningham.


How Can You Keep On Moving — 1 Comment

  1. What a beautiful job. Thanks so much for all the hard work locating and bringing us these incredible songs.
    I was just listening to Sis Cunningham’s “How Can You Keep On Moving”. I might perform it for the opening night of “Grapes Of Wrath” at Subversive Theatre.

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