In 1933 Congress passed the National Industrial Recovery Act which created the National Recovery Administration and had the most far reaching effects of all the New Deal legislation. In an effort to eliminate “cut throat” competition, codes were established for specific industries that set wages, practices and prices. It was an effort to create a controlled economy and was, at first, greeted with wild enthusiasm. Every major city throughout the US staged elaborate parades and other events to celebrate what was perceived as the “death of Old Man Depression.” But by 1935 much of the enthusiasm was gone and the Supreme Court declared it unconstitutional.

In addition to the wage and price controls, the NRA banned child labor and made collective bargaining legal. The mascot of the NRA was a Blue Eagle that could be displayed by businesses. The reference to “Blues” in this song refers to the ‘blue eagle’ and is most welcome. It was written and sung by Bill Cox.


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