This great song was written by William Jennings Cox (Bill Cox) who was from Charleston, West Virginia. He was known as the “Dixie Songbird” and played and wrote a variety of music in his life ranging from sacred music to topical compositions. For many years he performed and recorded with Cliff Hobbs. He lived most of his life and, subsequently, died in poverty.

His most famous song, that could have brought him some measure of wealth, was “Filipino Baby.” During 1944 to 1946 the song was made incredibly popular by Texas Tyler and Ernest Tubb. Somewhere in the process writing credits were lost and Bill received nothing for it.

Democratic Donkey chronicles the FDR white house years through the voice of the donkey, the symbol of the Democratic Party. It is performed here by Norman and Nancy Blake.


The Democratic Donkey (Is In His Stall Again) — No Comments

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